Lesson Horses

Lesson Horses

Take a look at our current generation of lesson horses! These are the saints that make up our lesson program. We are blessed with a fantastic group of lesson horses!

Zach is a 2000 Quarab gelding. Zach is a great intermediate lesson horse. He is more forward moving than our beginner horses but pretty reliable otherwise. He is the go-to for teaching kids to jump for the first time and happily totes kids around at dressage shows as well!

Gems Dun Jac, aka Ellie, is a 2000 QH mare. Ellie is our steady, super safe beginner horse. Our youngsters start out on her and even our tiny kids can be safely turned loose in our big arena on Ellie. She may not be the fastest, but she is safe and reliable!

Booberry Schnapps is a 2001 Morab gelding. Boo is a great horse for those that are ready for something with a little more spunk and speed. While he has settled some in his old age, he still has beautiful, forward gaits and can occasionally throw in a spook for good measure. Boo excels at dressage with his flashy movements and he has a canter that is a dream to ride.

Jack is a 2001 TB gelding. Jack was Allison’s first horse and holds a special place in her heart. Jack is now retired from the lesson program and living the life of luxury at a friends farm.

Lil’ Bita Lena, aka Italy, is a 2000 Quarab mare. Italy is Allison’s personal horse, but has recently moved into the lesson program as well. She is doing a superb job as an intermediate lesson horse and has become quite steady and reliable.

Unlimited Shock and Awe, aka Shock, is a 2003 Morgan gelding. Shock is our other beginner lesson horse. He is quiet and steady and has very smooth gaits which make him fantastic for those just learning to ride. He is our go-to canter horse and teaches all riders how to canter for the first time.

Saraid is a 2007 American White Horse mare. Sara is another one of our intermediate horses. While her canter is a little fast for some, her trot is smooth and she’s forward enough for those that are bored on Shock and Ellie. She’s been earning her keep teaching kids to jump as well as she quietly takes each jump without hesitation.

Rose Colored Cattylac, or Lucy, is a 2008 Paint mare. Lucy has quickly become a favorite with the lesson kids. She’s more forward but still has a nice canter which makes her a great horse when kids are ready to move off of Shock and onto a different canter horse. She’s also learning the ropes of being a jumping horse and calmly trots over the jumps, making her an easy choice for beginners!

Ima Little Stuck, aka Stuck, is a 2017 QH filly. Stuck just entered the lesson program after summer camp in 2021 and is doing a fantastic job. Because she’s only 4 we limit how many lessons she does a week. Stuck is the first of the next generation of lesson horses coming up and we think she’s going to be a fantastic addition! Stuck is also Allison’s main liberty horse.

The Next Generation!

Aging is a part of life, so as our current generation of lesson horses edge closer to retirement, check out the youngsters that will be our next generation! These youngsters will not only learn to be fantastic horses under saddle, but will learn the ropes of liberty training as well!

Steady Eddie is a 2018 QH gelding. Eddie is a chill, laid back dude that we hope will live up to his name and be the future Shock and Ellie of our next generation.

Hancock Amara Moon, aka Amara, is a 2018 QH filly. While we were expecting Amara to be our next generation’s spicy horse that is for those that like fire breathing dragons, she’s actually completely shocked us and is actually a pretty chill filly. She does occasionally have her moments, but she’s actually become pretty level headed and calm!

Dunit Makin Freckles, aka Tank, is a 2019 QH gelding. Tank is maturing quite well and looking like he’ll live up to his name. Tank has just started under saddle and so far seems like a mellow guy.

Isle Be A Skipper, or Jonah, is a 2019 QH gelding. Jonah was another youngster that we thought would be slightly on the fiery side who actually has turned out to be a pretty calm, laid back dude. He has had his first couple rides and is coming along well!

Naomi is a 2020 BLM mustang filly. Her and Eowyn made their journey from out West to Indiana this spring. They arrived as untouched, unhandled wild mustangs and are on their journey to learning the tame way of life!

Eowyn is a 2020 BLM mustang filly. She made the journey from California with Naomi this spring. She is a little more wary than Naomi, so she’s been a great mustang to work with as she’s been more challenging, but we’re learning a lot by working with the mustangs! Naomi and Eowyn are Allison’s next personal horses and she looks forward to her journey with them!