We have apparel coming out our ears! So, we’re doing a big sale to try to get our old gear moved! Pictures and sizes below! Contact Allison if you want to purchase anything! All of the apparel below are $5 for t-shirts, $7 for long-sleeved t-shirts, and $10 for sweatshirts.

Whisler Equine Logo on Grey

2 youth small sweatshirts, 1 xtra small youth sweatshirt

2 XL youth t-shirts, 4 adult large T-shirts, 1 XXL T-Shirt

I can ride Western horse (back shown below)

4 medium long sleeve T-shirts

5 youth large T-shirts, 8 adults small T-shirts, 4 adult medium t-shirts, 6 adult large t-shirts, 2 XL t-shirts, 1 XXL t-shirts

1 youth extra small sweatshirt, 2 youth medium sweatshirts, 2 youth large sweatshirt, 3 youth extra large sweatshirt, 4 adult small sweatshirt, 1 adult medium sweatshirt, 1 adult Xlarge sweatshirt

This is the backside of all the blue “I can” t-shirts and sweatshirts

I can ride English horse

2 youth XLarge t-shirts, 2 medium t-shirts, 1 large t-shirt

1 youth large sweatshirt, 2 XLarge youth sweatshirts, 3 adult small sweatshirts